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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What qualifications do I need to work for Paperpedia

We are seeking employees who :
• Have perfect English writing skills
• Hold a bachelor's degree or higher
• Are experienced with Microsoft Office
• Are responsible and able to meet deadlines

2. Are there part-time, telecommute, or freelance positions available

At the moment we are only hiring full-time employees who are able to work on-site. We may have freelance telecommute positions open up in the future.

3. How should I apply to work for Paperpedia

You should fill out the Sign Up Form and pass an online writing test. If you meet our requirements, you will receive a welcome package with instructions on what to do next.

4. Would it be possible for me to register my group of writers

We only hiring individuals at the moment.

5. What are the terms of employment

We are currently hiring full-time writers. We expect our full-time writers to generate at least 2500 words per day of content that achieves a passing grade or higher. If you want more work, more work is available, and you will be paid accordingly. If you write high quality work, you will earn more. You will be working in your area of expertise, and are essentially being paid to study and write. We provide access to academic journals, books, and assistance in locating whatever other sources you might need.

6. Will you help me acquainted with your system

Our system is set up to make your job easier. Our support department will be available to help you should you encounter any problems. We provide all of the materials and tools you need to work, you simply need to worry about writing.

7. What will be my expected earnings

Your earnings depend on your skills. Our starting salary is INR 50,000 per month plus performance bonuses. There is the possibility to earn much more.

8. What sort of writing work is available daily

We provide access to orders in a wide variety of topics. You can choose whether to only write in your area of expertise, or whether you want to study and learn about another area. You get to decide which assignments you work on, as long as you meet our minimum volume requirements. Aside from writing essays, there are proofreading assignments, editing assignments, presentations, and the occasional interesting project that does not fit in any of those categories.

9. Is this ethical

In many cases, our clients are required to take a wide range of classes, not all of which are particularly relevant to their area of study. China is a rapidly developing country, but the national university system has not kept pace with development in other areas. There is simply not enough room in the Chinese university system to accommodate everybody who needs to study, therefore, Chinese students are forced to study abroad. Many of our clients are studying engineering or business, and intend to return to China with the knowledge they gain. Writing in English is not their strong point, and learning to do so is not their goal. They are studying abroad because the university system in China does not have the capacity or specialized talent to educate them in their area of expertise. Many of our assignments are in classes that are required for graduation but have little bearing on what the client is studying. While the idea of a well rounded classical liberal arts education is appealing in theory, the reality is that China needs scientists, engineers, and managers now, so our clients are learning the skills they need. We merely facilitate them gaining the knowledge they seek without needing to worry about learning to write in English at the same time. We are here to take the burden of writing off of our clients so that they can focus on learning.

10. How soon can I start working

If accepted, we average about a week to examine and verify your credentials. Have your ID, degree, and any other paperwork ready to facilitate the process.

11. What quality do you expect

We offer our clients the option of either work that is guaranteed to pass or work that is guaranteed to receive a high grade. This means that in any case, you will be required to write papers that receive a passing grade. Furthermore, each and every paper written must be 100% original work, with no exceptions. We check and the universities check every paper for plagiarism, which means that every paper must be original work as well as fully and properly referenced.

12. How do I receive details of work that is available

Projects are currently assigned by the quality control manager in your chosen field. We will be transitioning to an automated online system in the near future.

13. What if a customer doesn't like my work

This should not be an issue. The information you need to complete the task will all be included along with the assignment. On the rare occasions where revisions are needed, we require that they be completed and returned within 24 hours. The customer has the option of paying for either a passing grade or a high grade, and which you are aiming for will be clearly described in the assignment packet. Our performance metric is the grade that the assignment receives from the professor.