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We, at Paperpedia, always look for providing high-quality academic writing solutions to our global clients. With a motto to help and support the clients meeting their academic needs and expectations, we crave for creating the best-quality content which exceeds the usual industry-level academic writing standards. By providing clients with high-standard solutions, we make sure that there is no obstacle in their path of academic prospects and career.

We believe that happy writers produce excellent papers. Therefore, we always try to ensure that our employees are satisfied in the way we work and feel valued by the company. Paperpedia aims to serve as a Launchpad for success for the bright, talented, diligent, and hard-working writers. In a collaborative environment, we provide thorough support to our employees to help them grow and enhance their abilities.

Our dedicated team managers personally address the issues being faced by the team members and completely assist them in an engaging way to overcome the difficulties and demonstrate their actual potential so that they can make most out this launchpad to success. Since academic writing requires expertise in specific educational domains as well as a thorough knowledge of several technical subtleties in writing, grammar, structure, and organisation, we organise training sessions for our employees because we know that learning is earning.We understand that when one puts an effort in something, recognition matters a lot for him. Therefore, we recognise the effort and talent of our academic writers by providing different monetary and non-monetary incentives through diverse rewards programmes.The salary system itself is unique and one-of-a-kind which allows our employees to constantly earn a considerable amount of money exceeding their salary. We value their efforts and thus, we capitalise on every opportunity to additionally recognise their extra contributions. We also facilitate the performance put forward by our employees and teams. By recognising the best employee of a month and the most outstandingly performing team of a month, we show that we value their contributions and encourage them to excel in future. The system of occasional appraisals and evaluation also provides numerous scopes to our employees to climb the ladder of our hierarchical structure. Our writers are the core of our company, and we take care of them so that they remain satisfied, happy, and healthy, and continue with us in our journey in a viable and productive manner.


In the year 2015, Paperpedia was founded with a vision of excelling in the domain of academic consultancy and since then, the company has never looked back. It started off with a team of 10 writers who with their excellent academic skills and professionalism helped the company to grow. Back in 2015, what was a vision for us is now our reality. We have hundreds of clients who place their trust and confidence on your quality assured work and guidance. Today, Paperpedia has a global presence in the market and has its offices in New Delhi, Shanghai and Sydney. Since our business is rapidly expanding, we are looking for dynamic professionals who can further contribute in the growth of our company.


Paperpedia aims to provide high-quality academic writing solutions and educational consultation to our clients across the globe. Our mission is to remove all the barriers from the path of our clients’ academic prospects and future career. We aim to serve every individual who is having difficulty with the academic writing tasks, research works, and course activities so that they do not face any issue in their academic progress and future career. By providing solutions and suggestions, we aim to enhance our clients’ efficiency and viability as an individual having the competence to cater to a specific professional field. With a sheer focus on high-quality content customised as per the clients’ needs and detailed attention toward our employee expectations and wellbeing, we aim to develop a mutually respectful relationship with them and establish Paperpedia as one of the best organisations in the academic research and educational consulting genre in the world.


We at Paperpedia do not simply formulate a team. Our company has always tried its best to build a family as we believe that a healthy relationship between co-workers facilitate the work process. Our Paperpedia family comprises of experienced research writers who have successfully and continually proven themselves as worthy of being a part of our family. Belonging to different areas of expertise, we have research writers of Finance, Law, Management, Economics, Accounts, Media, Literature and other niches. Not only this, we strive to provide the best possible research solution to our clients and for this purpose, we constantly hire experts from various academic backgrounds.

We are currently a family of more than 100 academic writers who come from various academic backgrounds and work independently as well as in a cohesive manner according to the demands of the project. As we at Paperpedia, are known for providing the best solutions and our family of writers have never shied away from furnishing the client’s requirements. With the dexterity and diligence of our writers, we have been able to ace the various hurdles that often come in the path of the company’s progress due to the stiff market competition. Apart from this, we also have a separate team of skilled freelancers having years of experience in their areas of expertise. Together we all work to furnish the desired academic requirements of our clients.

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